Microsoft Flow – What SharePoint actions follow the triggers?

After yesterday’s post about the triggers available for SharePoint in Microsoft Flow, today it is time to look at the Actions available.

I will categorise the operations in the following categories.

  • Files
  • Items
  • Approval
  • Users and Groups

The following operations of the operations will be related to files in SharePoint libraries

  • Copy file
  • Create file
  • Delete file
  • Get attachment content
  • Get file values
  • Get file content
  • Get file content using path
  • Get file metadata
  • Get file metadata using path
  • Get file properties
  • Get files (properties only)
  • Update file
  • Update file properties
  • List folder
  • List root folder

The following operations of the operations will be related to SharePoint list item

  • Add attachment
  • Create item
  • Delete attachment
  • Delete item
  • Get attachment content
  • Get attachments
  • Get item
  • Get items
  • Get lists
  • Update item

The following operations of the operations will be related to Entities in Dynamics. As Dynamics creates SharePoint sites you could get data returned once you have this integration setup

  • Get entity values

The following actions give options available for the approval of documents.

  • Set content approval status




Ok, that is an awful lot of actions to do things in SharePoint. Most of the actions are quite obvious. If you are struggling with any of these feel free to leave a comment below.

In the rest of this post I will have a look at the files. For the file operations it is important to understand how Flow works. When for example I tried to copy documents, I found that rather than using the copy option the Get file content followed by a create file followed by an update file properties worked better.

The same for getting files. It is often easier to use Get files (properties only) and configure the filter query. for people familier with REST APIs, this filter query is similar to the $filter=fieldname eq ‘value’. However the annoying this here is that it isn’t possible to filter by the name of the file.


If you do want to filter by the name of the file you could use the Title field instead. So once again it is important to become familiar with all these actions. You will find that over time you should probably also become familiar with the 1000s of actions available in all the other integration options.

Do you see any integration options within your organisation?



3 thoughts on “Microsoft Flow – What SharePoint actions follow the triggers?

  1. Hi is it me or is there no option to create a folder in SharePoint from flow or is it part of the create file action?

    For example someone completes a form on a list with an attachment. You grab the attachment and put it in a document library. However you want to create a folder specific for that item from data in the initial form. I just cannot find an option to create a folder.

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