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Within Microsoft Flow there are many triggers and actions available. With a strong interest i Microsoft Flow and Microsoft Teams I had a look into what is available. For Microosft Teams there are no triggers (yet). I’m sure it would be nice to have triggers on the creation of a Team, channel, or adding members. But then of course you might as well use SharePoint triggers that fire on the creation of a channel folder in a document library

So the options are still quite limited. I’m going to look through the available actions starting with the List teams. As this is the only way to get the Team Ids

List Teams

The first action will give you a list of all the teams available in Microsoft Teams.

Once you have got the list of teams you could now use this list of teams in an Apply to each action.

Then a create channel for each team would be a fairly simple task.

Create a channel

Once the connection has been setup with the List teams you can create a channel for each team:

Although this gave me the following error:

So this didn’t work. Time to try the simple option by selecting a team from the drop down:

This worked straightaway! Not sure if I can find many uses for this at the moment though as my flow would only work once. Well I guess this Teams connector is still in preview.

List Channels

To get all the channels within a selected team you can use the List channels actions:

Post Message

To post a message to a channel you can use the Post Message action however plain text seems to be the only option:

But this go interpreted like this:

And in teams this looks like:





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