Within Microsoft Flow it is possible to create approval processes. Nothing special! Simply create an approval action

You will now receive an email that looks as shown below:

Or within the Flow interface you can also approve your outstanding items


But there is an alternative option available.

And again there will be an email with Approve and Reject buttons.




Ok, there is no Approval task this time, but who needs those anyway. If all you try to do is get an approval or rejection response then both options might be valid.

So, what is the difference?

When you start to look at the dynamic contents in any of the future steps you will note the Dynamic content available from the Send email with options action. Where the Send email with options only has Approval Email Response and Send email with options …

… Within the approval actions you get a lot more information returned.

So when would you use the Approval and when would you use the Email option? I noticed that when I send an Approval step that for external users I get an error returned. So for any non Office 365 people that needs to be able to submit approvals the email option might be a good alternative.