Do you use LinkedIn? Do you use SharePoint? Do you want to give people the ability to post to your company LinkedIn account but you don’t want to give them full access to your company’s LinkedIn details?

Today I’m having a look at the LinkedIn connector available in Microsoft Flow. I want to create a SharePoint list which can manage my LinkedIn posts.

I’m starting by creating the list in SharePoint with the following fields:

  • Title
  • ContentUrl (Hyperlink)
  • Publish (Yes/No)
  • Description (Multi line of text)
  • ImageUrl (image)

So far its all easy SharePoint work. I’m now ready to continue with Microsoft Flow. As always my flows start with a trigger:

The first action that you add to your flow related to LinkedIn will ask you to authorize Microsoft Flow to use your LinkedIn. Of course you just click on the allow??? Make sure that you actually check the permissions that you give Flow here. Note especially the 4th option of Manage your organisation’s page and posts. This means that you need to make sure that your account does have these permissions within LinkedIn.

I found the action to share an article in LinkedIn:

Then I build in a condition to check if a published flag has been set as I don’t want to send out the post before I’m ready with all my content. All I now need to do is move my Share an article action to the yes branch of my condition.


Time to put my flow to the test.

I created an item pointing to this Microsoft Flow article:

And within seconds I saw the following post on LinkedIn:

Time to publish this post that I’m writing at the moment.

And the above post  now exists in LinkedIn.

There is a similar update for company updates. The fundamental ideas are the same as for personal posts.