Microsoft Flow is a great product that lets you trigger processes when items or files in SharePoint are changed. This works very well and better than in SharePoint Designer, however there are a few limitations that need to be addressed.

1. The Created or Modified trigger should give previous values for fields

When a flow is triggered on the modification of a list item or a file then it should be possible to get the current and previous values of the fields that were changed. So that when you want to check in a condition if the value of a specific field has changed you can do so



2. Being able to just trigger the flow when a specific field is changed

At the moment flows trigger when items are modified and it isn’t possible to filter on which modification was made. It would help if you could for example trigger a flow just when a field has been modified or not trigger if a specific field has been modified. Currently the workaround is to use a condition straight after the trigger, but that still adds a run history for the flow.


3. Triggers available for SharePoint.

Currently Flow offers 7 triggers. Some triggers are really missing.

  • When an item has been deleted
  • When a file has been deleted
  • When a site has been created
  • When a site has been deleted

And then there could of course be more, but these are the ones that I have been missing.


4. Run a flow as …

As part of the trigger configuration it would be nice if it was possible to run the flow as a different user. Although I could also imagine that this could be implemented as a part of a scope in a flow