I’ve seen quite a few people asking the all important question:

Is PowerApps mature enough to  create my apps with?

In this post I’m going through an app that will let you search on twitter and then send out a tweet mentioning the original person who tweeted the tweet.

I started by creating a screen that lists all tweets after the user enters a search term in the search box:

Then by clicking on the blue arrows next to a tweet I can decide to retweet the message or not

So what does this app show?

We can very easily collect data form almost any data source using PowerApps. Then once the you’ve got the data you can present the data to users. In this case I didn’t spend too much time on branding the solution. But you can make this look like whatever your needs are.

Then you can move the data across multiple screens and manipulate the data the way you need to. Then finally you can update data (in the same data source or another) in which ever way you would like.

Yes, there are always limitations within PowerApps and that is probably inherent to it being a low coding solution, but it looks like a very useful rapid development framework to me. The only negative I have found so far is that beginning PowerApps developers seems to be struggling to get started.

One good starting point could be the PowerApps Learning Resources.