Have you tried to create forms in PowerApps? Once you added your 20 labels and controls to hold your data you suddenly want to move your fields a bit more to the left, right, top or bottom. and then you have to move all your fields to their new location. this can be a very painful process.

When you design your forms inn PowerApps it is better to group your labels and other controls. However, there is no grouping feature available.

Still it is possible to group your controls. In this post I’m going to show you how to do this. I’m starting by creating 3 labels on a screen.

I’ve got Label1, Label2 and Label3.

Label 1 I’ve placed where I want it to be. Then to set the location of Label 2 I referred to Label 1 as shown below.

And for Label 3, I repeated the same trick.

Now when I move Label 1  all three labels will move and I’ve managed to group my labels.