Today I noticed the Test Flow option in my Microsoft Flow designer next to the Update Flow option

Not having noticed it before time to click it!

I then got the following options to me:

  • I’ll perform the trigger action
  • Using data from the previous run.

Previously I could rerun a flow but now there is some more magic put in place. You will see this when you select the second option

Ok, it is a bit of a shame that I can only retest with the most recent 5 runs and in this screen I have no idea which flow instance I’m rerunning. But if this features gets developed a bit further then this could be quite nice.

Now looking at my Run history there is a new type of flow run. All test runs are marked as Test Succeeded (or Test Failed in some cases)

But still I don’t have a clue what happened to which trigger.  But help is at hand. Have you noticed the Download CSV option in the run history?

When you download this CSV you will get some clue. Not pretty, but again it is at least a start.