PowerApps – How to mess up your app by removing flows from Microsoft Flow

Have you tried creating Flows from within PowerApps? Did you need a couple of attempts to get your flows right? Did you delete your unwanted flows?

Well now your app is messed up!

Here is  the walk through of how to mess things up!

I’ve created an app with two buttons both calling a Flow.

Then I created two flows triggering by an PowerApps button

Then I exported my PowerApp ( one day this might become useful!)


When I look at my PowerApps app details I can also see two flows.


Time to delete my second button and my second Flow.

Then I tried to export again. Ai, this is where the trouble starts

An ugly “The Provided flow ” has been deleted” warning.

Looking at the app details the removed flow is still there.

I went through a couple of attempts to fix my export file, but it is quite likely if you get this far through this post that you don’t have an export anyway. The advice is start over again with your app or accept that you can export the app. Depending on the number of people running into this issue I might attempt fixing export files.



2 thoughts on “PowerApps – How to mess up your app by removing flows from Microsoft Flow

  1. @Pieter, I was having same issue. I tried everything that I could have to export my powerapp package. And while looking for the solutions I eventually came across your blog. Meantime I found the way to export package just by adding a new dummy flow with same name and then try to export your powerapp project; you should be able to export it.

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