Have you ever wanted to create a flow in Microsoft Flow where you trigger on multiple lists? So if you create a list item in one list or an other you want to trigger the flow?

Well with Microsoft Flow you can do this.


I’m going to start with a manual trigger and the creation of 2 variables.

  • Status
  • Last Trigger Time

I’m setting the status to Started and the Last Trigger Time to the current time.


Now fro each trigger a Do Until loop that will stop when the status has been set to Complete.

Then inside each Do Until a Condition that check for the status.


Now within the Yes branch I’m starting with a Get items collection all the items from a list since the last trigger time.

Followed by the process that I want to implement for my list. In my case I’m just sending an email.


Once the process is complete I set the status to Complete, ending all my branches in my flow



This is an easy away to reduce the number of runs in  your flow. I would probably only implement this for simple processes as I like to keep my processes simple. But if you are running out of runs this could be an options to reduce the number of runs and therefore save on licence costs


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