After yesterday’s news about the new actions in the SharePoint Connector, today I thought I’ll try and take this a step further.

The challenge I gave myself is can I get to all the site collections and collect the details of my site collections using a flow? the answer is yes!

First of all I found a list that contains all the site collection information for my tenant.

The api to get to this is:


So I added this uri to my Send an HTTP request to SharePoint action

And well the rest is easy!

As you can see above it is possible to display the Title of my site.



But you can get to more:

"FileSystemObjectType": 0,
"Id": 1,
"ServerRedirectedEmbedUri": null,
"ServerRedirectedEmbedUrl": "",
"ContentTypeId": "0x010038A268F2641BCA4FA94C95C6CD37607A",
"Title": "Triad Group Plc Team Site",
"AllowGuestUserSignIn": true,
"Classification": null,
"ExternalSharing": "On",
"FileViewedOrEdited": 51,
"GroupId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"IsGroupConnected": false,
"LastActivityOn": "2018-04-19T00:00:00Z",
"NumOfFiles": 114,
"PageViews": 90,
"PagesVisited": 24,
"PrimaryAdmin": "Company Administrator",
"ShareByEmailEnabled": true,
"ShareByLinkEnabled": false,
"SiteId": "08c033be-cb3c-4d4b-b972-025791286235",
"SiteOwnerName": "Company Administrator",
"SiteSecondaryOwnerEmail": null,
"SiteSecondaryOwnerName": null,
"SiteUrl": "https:/ /",
"StorageQuota": 27487790694400,
"StorageUsed": 7261335295,
"TemplateId": 1,
"TemplateTitle": "Team site (classic experience)",
"TimeCreated": "2017-07-10T13:16:48Z",
"TimeDeleted": null,
"ComplianceAssetId": null,
"State": null,
"OperationStartTime": null,
"HubSiteId": "00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000",
"ID": 1,
"Modified": "2018-04-23T20:50:11Z",
"Created": "2017-09-08T03:56:11Z",
"AuthorId": 1073741823,
"EditorId": 1073741823,
"OData__UIVersionString": "1.0",
"Attachments": false,
"GUID": "70424877-a75a-4acf-8bca-209a04b60cf0"

Things like Modification dates, HubSiteId and Site Owners are extracted within no time. And how about Storage Used? All of this information could come handy one day.