It is time for a classic SharePain today.


You open a document in Office online and edit the document. Then you try to rename is and you get the following error message:

The file “Document.docx” is locked for shared use by

I tried the same by renaming the file in the modern experience


When you try to open the document in word things just disappear in a black hole and Word is never opened.

After about 30 minutes My word suddenly still opes the document as the lock seems to have expired now.

There seems to be an issue with document being locked when you open a document with Office Online

I haven’t got a solution yet. If you do then please let me know. Otherwise watch this space as I’m still investigating.



Possible solution

Thanks to Olivier Collet for pointing out the following solutions on TechCommunity



  1. Make sure the “webclient service” on client side is running
  2. Find registry key: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\WebClient\Parameters on their machines.
  3. Find value: SupportLocking(if no, please add), set its value to 0, want to just disable lock feature.