Have you ever noticed that when you have a flow that you are the owner and there is no way for other users to view the flow or modify the flow?

Wouldn’t it be helpful  if you could see everybody else’s flows? Well under Team flows you can. Within Team flows you can see the flows that were shared with you.

But what if, you don’t have permissions to a flow and the person who developed the flow has left your organisation. Most likely you can’t find these flows unless you log in with the accounts used by the other users to create the flows.

There is a better way!

In the flow admin center you can see all the flows created by any of the users

When you click on the flow name you can manage the permissions of the flow or you could enable to disable the flow and even delete the flow..

Please note that you do need admin permissions to be able to get to the above options additionally you will require a P2 license.