Did you ever wonder what is new in Microsoft Flow?

As a large part of Microsoft Flow is its connectors into other applications I though I use the List Connectors action and update a SharePoint list with the connector details. Step one is to create a custom list called Connectors. Initially I’m only creating the Title field but later on I will also collect the connector details for each connector.

The above gives me currently 193 connectors. At a later stage I will turn this into a recurrence flow. But for now I’m using the manual start of the Manual trigger a flow trigger

As I only want to add new connector items in my connectors list if the connector hasn’t been added before I will check in my list if I already have an item with the matching Title using the Get items action.

When the above get items action doesn’t return an item in my Connectors list I will need to create a new item in the list and when an existing item is foudn we’ll update the details of the connector list item.

The expression used in the below condition should be :


I am waiting for the details of actions and triggers to become available so that those details can be stored in the list too.


Now we now what the new connectors are.



Now all I had to do is update the view so that it is sorted by the Connector Created Time and I can see which connectors were added recently.