Microsoft Flow – You only need one template to get started

When I start developing a new flow there are a few things that I put in place first.  For me Microsoft Flow development all starts with making the process robust. Therefore I start with the try-catch pattern as I described in Microsoft Flow – Implementing a Try, Catch , Finally in a flow.

As I wanted to make things easier for my self I submitted this as a template in Microsoft Flow


You can find this template by visiting the Try, Catch and Finally Template. One click and you will have the base process in place.

As always, if you need any help implementing the rest of the process please feel free to contact me. Alternatively, if you are looking for people to implement business processes for you then at Triad Group Plc we can help, even if you don’t completely know what you need.


6 thoughts on “Microsoft Flow – You only need one template to get started

    1. Hi,

      I think of it is covered in my post other

      I short:

      I’m running actions in the try section. If anything in any of these actions goes wrong then the catch section will kick in. The catch will not run if the process in the try is successful. So the Catch section is often used to correct or report the issues that occurred in the try section.

      Then finally you can use the finally to do things that need to happen when the flow completes. So this could be an email saying that the flow has completed.


      1. Could i move my approval section into the try to help catch errors when people dont fill out the approver field? Its required but SP does not enforce it.


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