Microsoft Flow – Update a Hyperlink or Picture field

When you use flow to update list items it is  quite easy to update test fields, however one of the issues I ran into today was to update a picture column.


As part of my flow that collects the updates for the available Microsoft Flow connectors, I’m creating list items.


Unfortunately the Update item or Create Item actions do not show the picture columns. I managed to create a text field but that will just show up as the url of the hyperlink. I my case I want the icons to appear instead.

As so often the Send HTTP request to SharePoint comes to the rescue.


Categories:Flow, Microsoft Flow, Office 365


2 replies

  1. Hi,

    Would you be able to explain more how you achieve this?

    I’m working on a project that requires updating a sharepoint list picture column data from Powerapps or Microsoft Flow. We are using SPO O365.


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