PowerApps – Screen templates, now this is a feature that I really like

PowerApps templates

One of the difficulties with PowerApps is to get started. You could of course start by using one of the Application Templates. Although these may look good none of these really do what I want to do.

Therefore when I start with one of the above templates I find that I’m spending more template removing bits than building what I really want. In general I just start with a blank app and then I find that the blank screen stares at me desperate to get filled

Screen Templates

There are however a few screen templates that can be really helpful.


Ok, this is the template that gives you that staring blank screen, this may be often useful, however it’s not really getting me excited.


The Scrollable template is also one of the older templates. this template gives you a title section, a scrollable canvas on the screen where you can add your data. Still not very exciting and no reall need for a template.


The List template is also a bit older and it helps you create a list of items from a data source. This way you could very quickly present a list of SharePoint items within a PowerApps app. The nicve thing of this template is that it helps people getting familiar with List Galleries  in PowerApps


Well, Success is what we all want isn’t it?

The PowerApps team have made it very easy to give you a success screen. Most likely you would extend this screen by adding a button that gets you back to where you came from, but at least this is a start.


Now we’re getting to the more interesting templates.

This tutorial screen shows you the power of PowerApps.

Just 8 controls on a screen give you all you need to give you a banner web part that lets you scroll through photos and text. Howe many websites or intranet use these kind of banners? with simple left right clicks you can step through each step. It’s not too difficult to now create that banner on your SharePoint based intranet. More importantly it’s all without any code!


Do you want a contact form in your PowerApps app?

The email template gives you a very quick way to send an email to someone. Just create this screen, run it and you will receive an email within no time. This make developing that contact form a piece of cake.


Do you want to create a people directory or a people picker in your app? Then this People template could be a good starting point for you.

And did you notice this is just a single screen. Both the selecting and the selected people sections are implemented just in this single screen showing you how to reduce the number of screens and therefore reducing the complexity of the solution. Have you found yourself copying data from one screen to another? Or referencing data that belongs to on one screen to the other?


Do you want your users to be able to book a meeting?

This meeting template shows you how to create a meeting screen with a single click. Ever wondered how to implement tabs? Well, this templates shows you how.

And once again this screen simply works. Just run the screen fill in some meting details and your meeting will be created.


The Calendar template is the last of the screen templates. The user can select which calendar to pick events from and then all events of a certain day will be presented.

Ok, all of these templates may give you that typical PowerApps look, but that is changed fairly quickly if you really need to do so. These templates should get you started developing the first few PowerApps quite quickly.



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