Do you work with content types in SharePoint Online? Do you use bulk edit? If the answers to both these questions is yes then you will have noticed the content type field on the edit forms.  This field makes perfect sense when you have content types, but what if you only have one content type on your list or library?

If you only have one custom content types then you will still see the option for Content Types.

Ideally the form should of course be clever enough to figure out that there is no need for this field. Unfortunately the field is shown. Especially with the save button not working on the forms when the save button is near the bottom of the page it can be critical to reduce the number of editable fields on the form.

So how can we remove the content types field from the form? There is an easy step to get this sorted. Within the Library/List settings there is an option to disable the management of content types. This disables the option for administrators to add content types on the library and as a nice benefit it also removes the content type option from my library’s bulk edit form.

When you now want to make changes to a content types on the list you will first temporally need to re-enable content type management.