Today I tried to move one of my PowerShell scripts that I was running as a scheduled task to my Azure Functions. Remembering how I did this a while back with some PnP PowerShell scripts I knew that Azure Functions could do this.

My PowerApps friend Paul Culmsee pointed me in the direction of the Experimental Language Support toggle, however in my environment I did not find this option.  This is however documented in the Azure Functions runtime versions overview.  Ok, I’m running version 2 and I need to run runtime version 1.

Runtime versions in Azure functions

I had to create a new Azure Function first as you can’t change this version number once you have a few functions inside the app. With the new app I changed my runtime version as shown above.


And the experimental Language support option appeared!

No powershell options in Azure Fucntions

I switched the Experimental Language Support on and the PowerShell options appeared!

PowerShell options in Azure Fucntions