Microsoft Teams – How to record your calls and how to find the recordings

Quite a while back I wrote a post about recording calls in Microsoft Teams. A lot has changed since then If you are interested in how painful recording calls was Then please have a look at my original post.

Starting a meeting

I started my setting up a meeting with myself.

Start a meeting in Microsoft Teams

Start Recording

While I’m logged in as my test user I just started my call and I quite quickly joined as myself and the option to record the call is there.

Start recording in Microsoft Teams

When I look at the same as my test user I also see the record option.

Start recording

Guest Users

Now I’m going to join a 3rd time using my triad account as a guest to the team. I now don’t have a record option available? Why? It’s time to have a look at how the recording works first.

Guest Users in meeting

As one of my internal accounts I started recording the meeting.Microsoft Teams will now give you a warning that you should inform people that thew call is recorded.

You are recording warning

The other people on the call will receive a slightly different message.

Recording has started warning

All internal users will now have the option to stop the recording. This is a bit weird, isn’t it? The reason behind this will become clear soon.

Stop recording

When you stop the recording there will be a message that appears in the conversation for the team that you’ve organised the meeting in. The recording will be saved.

Recording: Meeting; Recording has stopped. Saving recording...

After a while you will see that the recording appears in the conversation as  a recording.

Link to recording

Where are the Microsoft Teams recording stored?

Looking at the search statistics of my original post show how often people wonder where these recording end up. A quick look in the ellipses menu of the recording will give us all the clues that we need.

Share the recording

When I select the open in stream I get my recording. Ok, this looks a bit different from any of my earlier screen.

My meeting recording in Stream

Even though my meeting was part of “My Test Team” and the recording was accessed through the link in the conversation in the My Test Teams general channel, within Stream I cannot find the recording. Ok, I started the meeting as with a meet now option within the team.

Time to schedule a meeting. This time share my screen as well. Sharing Microsoft Teams is something you will have to be careful with as Microsoft Teams shares the screen to your own instance of Microsoft Teams as well. Hey I’m getting side tracked!

When sharing Microsoft Teams screen you get strange effect

Back to recording!


I went to Microsoft stream and found all my groups

Groups in Stream

Then when I visit My Test Team, I can see some recordings.

All recordings in Stream

Ok, this is important. If you want to record your meeting. Before you click on the Meet Now option you might want to think twice. How easy do you want to make it to find the recordings back? I’m quite sure that what I have described in this post might not be 100% planned/expected. I’m not sure if this is all by design or if there are some bugs here. However, personally I would schedule my meetings rather than using the meet now option for now.



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