Work with Outlook tasks using Microsoft Flow

Personally I don’t really like working with outlook tasks, but I know that a lot of people do use outlook tasks. In this post I will have a look at creating tasks and completing tasks using Microsoft Flow. All the actions used in the below examples are using the Outlook Tasks connector.

Creating tasks

Creating tasks is easy. Simply use the Create a task action in your flow and you can create tasks.

Create a task

Then to get the existing tasks you can add a list all tasks. There is no filtering option available on this action. Therefore you will need to get all tasks and then select the ones that you might want to do something with.

Completing tasks


To complete tasks you could use Complete a task action. The below flow will complete all your tasks. Most likely you would want to add a condition here in this flow so that only selected tasks are completed.

Complete all tasks

Getting the status of a task

For each task you can get the status (and other information about your task) directly form the dynamic content

Get the task status using dynamic content



It isn’t possible to manage someone else’s tasks the user account used when authenticating the connection will be the user whose tasks you can work with. Therefore this will work well for flows that you create yourself  but  Outlook tasks will be less suitable for general business process generating tasks for users.



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