Yesterday,one of my colleagues mentioned that they received the following error when provisioning sites collections

Now the following error is thrown: Failed to instantiate file “CustomStrings.js” from module “_catalogsmasterpageDisplay TemplatesLanguage Filessr-latn-cs_Features\SearchWebParts\sr-latn-cs”: Source path “Features\SearchWebParts\sr-latn-cs\CustomStrings.js” not found.

A similar method to the one described on the U2U site was used. Although I don’t like to provision site collections using .wsp files it is still a valid way of doing things. The .wsp file hadn’t changed for quite a while, so it looks like something changed within the configuration of my SharePoint servers and a file in the SearchWebParts feature called CustomStrings.js has been removed for the Serbian language.

This kind of issue doesn’t make me happy.

As I had a customer unable to create new site collections I decided to ‘fix’ the .wsp, even though the .wsp isn’t the broken thing. Two broken things can make one fix!

Using IZarc I edited my .wsp file and



Within the Modules folder the Elements.xml can be found.

In this file I found my reference to the Serbian version  of CustomStrings.js.


I simply selected line 1136 – 1149 and hit the delete key on my keyboard.

Then within IZarc I recreated my .wsp and my problem was resolved.