SharePoint Online – Failed to instantiate file “CustomStrings.js” from module

Yesterday,one of my colleagues mentioned that they received the following error when provisioning sites collections

Now the following error is thrown: Failed to instantiate file “CustomStrings.js” from module “_catalogsmasterpageDisplay TemplatesLanguage Filessr-latn-cs_Features\SearchWebParts\sr-latn-cs”: Source path “Features\SearchWebParts\sr-latn-cs\CustomStrings.js” not found.

A similar method to the one described on the U2U site was used. Although I don’t like to provision site collections using .wsp files it is still a valid way of doing things. The .wsp file hadn’t changed for quite a while, so it looks like something changed within the configuration of my SharePoint servers and a file in the SearchWebParts feature called CustomStrings.js has been removed for the Serbian language.

This kind of issue doesn’t make me happy.

As I had a customer unable to create new site collections I decided to ‘fix’ the .wsp, even though the .wsp isn’t the broken thing. Two broken things can make one fix!

Using IZarc I edited my .wsp file and



Within the Modules folder the Elements.xml can be found.

In this file I found my reference to the Serbian version  of CustomStrings.js.


I simply selected line 1136 – 1149 and hit the delete key on my keyboard.

Then within IZarc I recreated my .wsp and my problem was resolved.


6 thoughts on “SharePoint Online – Failed to instantiate file “CustomStrings.js” from module

    1. opps needed to change the archiving type to .cab

      still having troubles though.. most prob due to including content in the wsp


      1. open IZArc, then create new file and set the file type to .cab. then drag all the files back in after you updated them. Then on the file system rename it to .wsp


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