Recently I got hold of a Microsoft Flow Flic button. In this post I’m going through the steps of configuring my Flic button and how you could use it.

If you don’t have a flic button yet, then you can order yours on the flic site.

My aim of this post is to send out an email with a link to my current location. I will use a link like the one below:<lat&gt;,<lng>

All I need to do is get my location using my flic. So I’ll start by creating a trigger.

Note that before this trigger will do anything you will have to assign the Flow action to your Flow button within the flic app. If you don’t do this the triggers will not start even though you. But that is not all!
You will have to make sure that the Include GPS information is included in your settings of the action.
Now you just have to include the following expression in your email and the link is sent!
concat(‘<a href=’,triggerBody()?[‘latitude’],’,’,triggerBody()?[‘longitude’],’>I am here</a>’)
And I now receive an email