Create your menus using a gallery in PowerApps

Quite a common task in PowerApps is to create a menu. You might already have figured out that a menu is easily created using a Gallery. Remember my recent post about galleries? Today I’m looking at some more advanced techniques related to navigation options within PowerApps.

First of all, I’m going to assume that you want to navigate to a screen every time someone clicks on a menu option. Also each menu option has a display text  that you want to appear on your screen in a separate section of the menu.

Your menu could look something like this:

I’ve now created a Gallery and I set the Items property to:

[{Display: "Backlog", Screen: ScreenBacklog}, {Display: "New", Screen: ScreenNew}, {Display: "Settings", Screen: ScreenSetting}]

Note that I’ve got a collection of display texts and screens in my PowerApp.

Within each menu option I’m displaying my display texts with ThisItem.Value.Display

The OnSelect for each menu item is set to Navigate(ThisItem.Value.Screen, Cover)

This way the menu is easy to expand. All I would have to do is include the details in my menu gallery to include another option.


2 thoughts on “Create your menus using a gallery in PowerApps

  1. Hi Peter, have you ever tried/achieved to build a “Form menu” using a gallery.
    e.g. New/Edit/Save from.

    I see the Navigate screen thing going well — but using a gallery for common edit tasks loos reasonable to me.

    I struggle to pre-define a variable for a “form task” like _form: NewForm(xyzForm)

    looking to your comments


    1. Hi Oliver,

      Can you explain your challenges a bit further?

      Is the problem to include a Form in the array feeding the gallery? It should be possible to do that in a similar way to the screens in my example. I don’t think however that there is a way to use NewForm (or other functions) and listing them as array element. You could however use something like “NewForm” in your array and then when you call the action use a switch to select the right function that you want to call depending on the text value found in the array.


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