Drag and Drop in PowerApps

PowerApps is great but there are some limitations. One of these limitations is drag and drop. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could drag a document into a PowerApp and then PowerApps uploads the document to a Document library. Well, you can do this with PowerApps.

One of my colleagues at Triad Group Plc developed this drag and drop feature. In the video below you can see how a document is dropped into a PowerApps and then it is uploaded to SharePoint.

In SharePoint the document is marked as accepted and the PowerApps recognises this and completes the upload process.


9 thoughts on “Drag and Drop in PowerApps

  1. Hi

    I would be really interested to know how this was achieved, as it’s exactly what I need to implement. Of particular interest is how you manage to detect the filename, as I’ve not seen that done anywhere else. Is there any way you can share that with us?

    Best regards,



      1. Hi Pieter

        Using a normal image control, you can drag any file onto it. You then need to trigger a flow to upload into SharePoint, which I assume is what your colleague has done? However there’s no way that I have found so far to detect the filename in the image control, even though when you hover over it, it shows you in the tooltip! Any hints your colleague can give would be most welcome!




      2. Sorry, I made a mistake – I used the Add Picture control, not the image one. I still can’t get the filename from that however. I also can’t add an attachment control as that only seems to be available as a control in a form for a SharePoint list.

        Anyway, Kudos to your colleague for getting it to work, I just can’t for the life of me see how it’s done!


      3. Hi Duncan,

        The attachment control only works when it is included on a form. Then the submit can create a temporary item in a list with the attachment. From that point a Flow can pick up the attachment and deal with it.


      4. Finally found it! It’s the FileName property of the AddMediaButton control inside the AddMediaWithImage control. Thanks for giving me the inspiration to keep looking!



      5. Thanks for your reply, looks like I’ve inadvertently found a different approach! I now understand what you’ve done, which makes a lot more sense. I might try that if I can’t get my approach to work.

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