Auto refresh data in Power Apps

Auto-refresh data in Power Apps

When you use galleries in Power Apps to display data from a data source you will need to consider refreshing data. As the data is updated by other users you might want to autorefresh your data. This post described a pattern for this.

I’ve created an app that uses the Accounts entity in my CDS as a data source and Accounts are being displayed.

Gallery displaying accounts from the CDS

My app has a form to add new accounts

Adding a record to accounts using a form

This all is great when I’m the only user, however when there are multiple users you might run into some refresh issues.

As one app instance adds a new account the other users will not see this new item

The gallery is not updated


To solve this issue I’m adding a timer to my screen displaying the gallery of accounts.

Adding a time to set the data

On the timer you will need to set the Auto Start and Repeat and set the OnTimeStart as shown above. this will load the data in a MyData variable. Now update the Gallery to use MyData instead of the Accounts data source.

Now as one user adds a new record.

added an item


After a while you will find that the gallery in both instances synchronises.

Now the gallery is updated after a while


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