Azure Functions vanishing into thin air

When you create Azure functions you can create functions in two different ways. You can edit the functions in Azure or you can create the functions in Visual Studio and … read the azure-functions-vanishing-into-thin-air post


PowerApps / Microsoft Flow – Using data in SQL Azure

Last week Mark Sipsma mentioned to me: I’m working on a PowerApps project that uses Microsoft SQL as the back end. Recently we have noticed that amendments to the SQL DB … read the powerapps-microsoft-flow-using-data-in-sql-azure post

Microsoft Flow – How to migrate from SharePoint Designer to Flow or Azure Logic Apps

Recently I’ve looked at many SharePoint Designer workflows and migrated them to Microsoft Flow or Azure Logic Apps. There isn’t really a set approach that will work for all but … read the microsoft-flow-how-to-migrate-from-sharepoint-designer-to-flow-or-azure-logic-apps post