Office 365 – Delve – The Windows 10 Delve App – A complete overview

Today I found the new Delve App for Windows 10. So first of all what is Delve? You might already be familiar with Delve in Office 365. It shows you all … read the office-365-delve-the-windows-10-delve-app-a-complete-overview post


Office 365 – New features and updates in week 25 2016

22 May 2016 Updated feature: SharePoint Document Library Experiences As previously announced, Modern libraries were rolled out to First Release tenants on June 7. As of today, and continuing over … read the office-365-new-features-and-updates-in-week-25-2016 post

Office 365 – New in features in Office 365 in week 7 2016

This week the following features are new in Office 365 16 February 2016 People profile experience in Office 365 Microsoft has updated the Office 365 profile experience. You’ll start to … read the office-365-new-in-features-in-office-365-in-week-7-2016 post