External Sharing and PowerApps

External sharing in PowerApps

Recently external sharing of Powerrapps has been enabled. How to enable external access? You can simply supply the email addres of the external user in the sharing scren of your PowerApps. Then the user will receiv an email with a link to the app. When you add the user you can however not make the … Continue reading External sharing in PowerApps


Renaming flows run from Power Apps

As we all know using Power Apps in combinations with Power Automate to run flows is a real winner. You can call a Flow to do all the complicated stuff while you keep your code in Power Apps simple and easy to understand. Yesterday however I came across a bit of strange behaviour. I started … Continue reading Renaming flows run from Power Apps

Auto refresh data in Power Apps

Auto-refresh data in Power Apps

When you use galleries in Power Apps to display data from a data source you will need to consider refreshing data. As the data is updated by other users you might want to autorefresh your data. This post described a pattern for this. I've created an app that uses the Accounts entity in my CDS … Continue reading Auto-refresh data in Power Apps

Locations in the world

Connectors and the location of your environment in Flow

Microsoft Flow environments can be created in different locations. Locations available are: Japan Europe United Status United Kingdom South America Asia Canada Did you know that depending on the location selected in your environment you will get different connectors? Initially I was just missing some connectors that I'd seen in some other environments. When you … Continue reading Connectors and the location of your environment in Flow

Flow Timeout

Long running flows in Power Apps.

How often do you need to do something complicated in PowerApps and you use Flow to do this for you? When this something takes longer than a minute you might run into issues. These Long running flows called from PowerApps will time out after one minute. The Power Platform can handle long running flows, however … Continue reading Long running flows in Power Apps.