Office 365 – Outlook is now helping you being more focused and rude

Clutter Have you used the clutter feature in Outlook? I’ve disabled Clutter quite quickly as I’m happy to manage my own unwanted emails. Or maybe I’m just worried that that … read the office-365-outlook-is-now-helping-you-being-more-focused-and-rude post


Office 365 – New features and updates in week 15 2016

After a week with a potential impactful update. This week there is there is less trouble, but there are many updates. 16 April 2016 New feature: Safety Tips in Outlook … read the office-365-new-features-and-updates-in-week-15-2016 post

Office – Interesting 3rd party products

In the many years that I worked with Microsoft products I have liked using 3rd party add-ons. Cimaware AccessFIX Fix your access databases ExcelFIX Repair your Excel spreadsheets   OutlookFIX … read the office-interesting-3rd-party-products post