AI Builder – Form Processing

Recently the PowerPlatform had a new module added, the AI Builder. With the AI builder you can do 4 things: Form Processing Object Detection Prediction Text Classification Form Processing In … read the ai-builder-form-processing post


PowerPlatform for Admins connector in PowerApps

After yesterday’s post about the Power Platform for Admins connector, today it is time for the same connector in Power Apps. Within your Canvas app, create a Gallery and then … read the manage-your-power-platform-with-the-powerplatform-for-admins-connector-in-powerapps post

PowerPlatform for Admins connector in Flow

Have you come across the PowerPlatform for Admins connector yet? This connector can be used to manage your PowerPlatform. Be very careful, when you try this connector as the delete … read the manage-your-power-platform-with-the-powerplatform-for-admins-connector post

Automate business processes with the Power Platform

The Power Platform, with Flow, PowerApps and Power BI, is Microsoft’s low-code development platform almost all your business processes. I’ve seen hardly any process that I couldn’t implement with the … read the automate-your-business-processes-with-the-power-platform post