SharePoint Online – Failed to instantiate file “CustomStrings.js” from module

Yesterday,one of my colleagues mentioned that they received the following error when provisioning sites collections Now the following error is thrown: Failed to instantiate file “CustomStrings.js” from module “_catalogsmasterpageDisplay TemplatesLanguage … read the sharepoint-online-failed-to-instantiate-file-customstrings-js-from-module post

PnP PowerShell – Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate stuck on initializing engine

Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate stuck Today I used PnP PowerShell to provision one of my sites. For some reason my Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate  CmdLet just didn’t want to run properly. Every time I ran Apply-PnPProvisioningTemplate … read the pnp-powershell-apply-pnpprovisioningtemplate-stuck-on-initiliazing-engine post

SharePoint – Install-SPUserSolution fails on slow or busy systems

Sometimes you run into an issue that is difficult to resolve. Recently I’ve been running a PowerShell script that needs to create 6000 site collections and even more sub sites … read the sharepoint-long-running-powershell-migration-scripts-fail-on-install-spusersolution post

Microsoft Flow – SharePoint Connector’s common error messages and their resolutions

In my series of error handling posts I’ve looked at Handle trigger failures Finding failed flow actions – Part 2 Finding failed flow actions – Part 1 Advanced Error Handling … read the microsoft-flow-sharepoint-connectors-common-error-messages-and-their-resolutions post

Microsoft Flow – Update a List item with a people field using REST API in the Send an HTTP request to SharePoint action

Reasons for using the REST API This post includes quite a few common requirements. So before I get started I’ll list  some of the subjects that you might be interested … read the microsoft-flow-update-a-list-item-with-a-people-field-using-rest-api-in-the-send-an-http-request-to-sharepoint-action post