Functions Pattern in Microsoft Flow

Function Libraries in Microsoft Flow

When you think as a code developer and you start with Microsoft Flow there will be a few patterns that you miss. In a first attempt to make every developer welcome, I developed the Try, Catch , Finally pattern in Microsoft Flow. Today I will have a look at being able to create reusable functions … Continue reading Function Libraries in Microsoft Flow

Multi select options

Option Sets in the Common Data Service

If you come from a SharePoint background like me you will know how often you need to choose between choice lists, lookup lists and managed metadata fields. 3 ways to feed a drop down. Within the Common Data Service we also have a drop down option available. As we saw in Entities in the Common Data … Continue reading Option Sets in the Common Data Service


Entities in the Common Data Service – Part 1

As part of the Common Data Service series, I will now look at Entities in the CDS. Any body who has developed systems in Dynamics 365 (a.k.a. Dynamics CRM) will know what entities are. Dynamics users will only have to get used to the new UI developed as part of the Dynamics to CDS transition … Continue reading Entities in the Common Data Service – Part 1