All about Timers in PowerApps

When you create applications in PowerApps quite quickly you might want to create things that run in the background. You could use Microsoft Flow for this, however for some applications this might just not do the trick as you will find your app waiting for a Flow to report back. In one of my recent … Continue reading All about Timers in PowerApps

Get Distinct List of items

De-duplicate your collections in PowerApps

When you have a large array of data and and the data has duplicates, it can be difficult to to de-duplicate your data in PowerApps. There is a Distinct function which returns a unique list of values however that only works on a single field. So that is great for filling drop downs but not … Continue reading De-duplicate your collections in PowerApps

Edit in the formula bar

PowerApps just got more helpful when you get it all wrong

This morning I discovered a great new features in PowerApps. In the past we got these little red circles with white crosses, but now they come with a little drop down menus. The Edit in formula bar gets you straight to the expressions that is causing the failure.