SharePoint 2016 – Office Online – Why are we passing a null request when creating a response?

Yesterday I was working with one of my SharePoint 2016 clients and I hit a bit of a weird issue. There is one user who when he opened multiple documents … read the sharepoint-2016-office-online-why-are-we-passing-a-null-request-when-creating-a-response post


SharePoint Online/2016 – Document Properties vs DocProperty

It is Friday and it is very sunny and rather than enjoying the sun I’m struggling behind my laptop with document properties. As some of you may know there are … read the sharepoint-online-2016-document-properties-vs-docproperty post

The file Document.docx is locked for shared use by user in SharePoint

It is time for a classic SharePain today. Locked for shared use You open a document in Office online and edit the document. Then you try to rename is and … read the sharepoint-online-the-file-document-docx-is-locked-for-shared-use-by-usernametenant-onmicrosof post