Uploading documents to SharePoint using OneDrive/Sync and Microsoft Flow ignores these

Uploading documents using OneDrvie Today I had a chat with Paul Culmsee about Microsoft Flow missing triggers when uploading documents using OneDrive Sync. In this post I will try to … read the uploading-documents-to-sharepoint-using-onedrive-sync-and-microsoft-flow-ignores-these post


OneDrive – Getting the latest Insider updates – Files On-Demand

Note: that this is an insider installer therefore if you hit any problems you might have to rebuild you PC! In this post I’m going through: How not to get … read the onedrive-getting-the-latest-insider-updates-files-on-demand post

OneDrive for Business vs Office 365 / SharePoint 2013 – Synchronizing folders in libraries

When I use OneDrive for Business  to synchronize document libraries in my SharePoint libraries I have found some differences between Office 365 and SharePoint on-premises. OneDrive When I look in … read the onedrive-for-busniness-vs-office-365-vs-sharepoint-2013-synchronizing-folders-in-libraries post