Uninstall-SPUserSolution : Feature ‘7436371b-c242-440d-b7c3-d2bff6661c77’ is not activated at this scope

Uninstall Solution I’m trying to uninstall a sandbox solution in SharePoint 2013 using PowerShell. I’m using the following cmdlet Uninstall-SPUserSolution Uninstall-SPUserSolution -Confirm:$false -Site $siteUrl -Identity $solutionname And I’m getting the … read the sharepoint-2013-uninstall-spusersolution-feature-7436371b-c242-440d-b7c3-d2bff6661c77-is-not-activated-at-this-scope post


SharePoint 2013 – Remove, Add and Update List View Web Parts on publishing pages programmatically

Changing Default Views Sergei Sergeev’s post about changing default views helped a bit here However I found that when doing the same on publishing pages things become slightly trickier. I … read the sharepoint-2013-remove-add-and-update-list-view-web-parts-on-publishing-pages-programmatically post

SharePoint 2013 – The specified view is invalid in call to LimitedWebPartManager.AddWebPart

Adding a webpart Today I tried to add a web part to a page using the following code: [code lang=text] ListViewWebPart webpart = new ListViewWebPart(); webpart.Title = "Matter Emails"; webpart.ListName … read the sharepoint-2013-the-specified-view-is-invalid-in-call-to-limitedwebpartmanager-addwebpart post

SharePoint 2013 – Update Features

Update Features Today I needed to add some additional fields to content types. I heard about upgrade features before, but I never tried using this. It was quite simple. First … read the sharepoint-2013-update-features post