Clear a multi user field in SharePoint Online using Microsoft Flow with the REST API

A while back I wrote a post about clearing fields in Microsoft Flow. I covered most types of fields but didn’t cover the multi user field in SharePoint Online. For … read the clear-a-multi-user-field-in-sharepoint-using-microsoft-flow-with-the-rest-api post


Microsoft Flow – Deploying flows to all your project sites, or maybe not!

In the past a common challenge has been to deploy SharePoint Designer or Nintex workflows to document libraries in all of your project sites. The deployment can take a long … read the microsoft-flow-deploying-flows-to-all-your-project-sites-or-maybe-not post

Microsoft Flow – Trigger flows on specific fields only using a shadow list in SharePoint

One of the long outstanding improvements needed in Microsoft Flow has been discussed for a long time. Solutions provided have always been either too complicated or just impossible to work … read the microsoft-flow-trigger-flows-on-specific-fields-only-using-a-shadow-list-in-sharepoint post

Microsoft Flow – Update a multi select choice field in a SharePoint list

Some simple tasks in Microsoft Flow can look really hard. Although once you’ve found the solution you might find that it is simple to implement your solutions. Yesterday I was … read the microsoft-flow-update-a-multi-select-choice-field-in-a-sharepoint-list post

SharePoint Online – Hub sites and global navigation placeholders

Global navigation Recently I created a hub site for a new intranet. Initially the idea was to create a global navigation that would match the navigation needed by my client, … read the sharepoint-online-hub-sites-and-global-navigation-placeholders post