Windows Server 2012 – Windows update error code 8024401C

8024401c Today, I build a new Windows Server 2012 machine on Hyper-V and I found that my Windows Updates were not working. All I got was an annoying 8024401C code. Then I found this article with many useless answers and one useful answer. All I had to do was disable IP 6 and my updates started … Continue reading Windows Server 2012 – Windows update error code 8024401C


Hyper-V – Degraded (Integration Services upgrade required).

Degraded (Integration Services upgrade required) Today I noticed that my Hyper-V machines were showing Network status of Degraded (Integration Services upgrade required). Just like VMWare, Hyper-V also has VMWare Tools that need to be installed or upgraded. Only these are called Integration Services So how do I install these Integration Services? Connect to your VM … Continue reading Hyper-V – Degraded (Integration Services upgrade required).