Time zones in MS Flow

Time travel with Microsoft Flow

Hopefully you will have some spare time to go through this post. Recently I've been playing with time fields in Microsoft Flow and it has been a struggle when times in systems don't match my local time. Calculations often don't make sense and it is important to offer the user the right time rather than … Continue reading Time travel with Microsoft Flow

Multi select options

Option Sets in the Common Data Service

If you come from a SharePoint background like me you will know how often you need to choose between choice lists, lookup lists and managed metadata fields. 3 ways to feed a drop down. Within the Common Data Service we also have a drop down option available. As we saw in Entities in the Common Data … Continue reading Option Sets in the Common Data Service

Entities in the Common Data Service – Part 2

As part of my Common Data Service series I introduced entities in the first part of this post. Time to get on with creating an Entity. In this post I will create an entity for Cars.  The New Entity form will ask me for the singular and the plural name for the entity. Fields I'm … Continue reading Entities in the Common Data Service – Part 2