Office 365 – PowerApps is the new InfoPath, at last

For many years I’ve disliked InfoPath. (I always start a blog post on a positive note). Today, modern lists have received the options to update edit forms to use PowerApps. … read the office-365-powerapps-is-the-new-infopath-at-last post


Office 365 – Is PowerApps to replace InfoPath?

I have a couple of anniversaries coming up soon. I’ve been working in SharePoint (and related Microsoft Technology) for nearly 10 Years and I’ve been blogging for nearly 7 years. Oh … read the office-365-is-powerapps-to-replace-infopath post

Office 365 – PowerApps – Could not acquire storage. Try again later

Today, while I was working with  PowerApps I suddenly got Could not acquire storage. Try again later When clicking on the More link I found the following: Error when acquiring … read the office-365-powerapps-could-not-acquire-storage-try-again-later post

Office 365 – PowerApps – Table ‘[dbo].[TABLE]’ does not define any key columns.

Today I connected my PowerApp to a SQL database in Azure. Then When I tried to connect my data I got the following There was a problem adding your data … read the office-365-powerapps-table-dbo-table-does-not-define-any-key-columns post