SharePoint 2016 – All new PowerShell Cmdlets

With SharePoint 2016 quite a few new PowerShell cmdlets have arrived. In this post I've included a quick overview of all the new commands. Before I'm going into all the command a few new bits in SharePoint 2016: Site Master SharePoint 2016 has new functionality for Site Template deployment called “Site Masters”. These are master Site … Continue reading SharePoint 2016 – All new PowerShell Cmdlets


ADFS Blocks acces to CRM services

In the last couple of weeks I spent quite a lot of time making an integration with SharePoint 2010 and CRM 2011 work. From SharePoint I'm adding new leads in Crm using the Crm services. The main problem that I was facing was that every time I tried to access the services I would receive … Continue reading ADFS Blocks acces to CRM services

Search on anonymous SharePoint site

This should be quite an easy requirement. Enable search on a website in SharePoint. Well once you know what to do ... We created a site and then extended the site to have a separate url to access the site anonymously. This is where the problem started. The admin site created now lives within the … Continue reading Search on anonymous SharePoint site