SharePoint Online – Sharing List items vs Documents

Today I had a look at Sharing Documents and List Items in modern lists and libraries in SharePoint online following a post on Tech Community. Recently the interface for this has changed and When you share a document you get a dialog like this:

When I share  a list item however I get:

Notice the difference! The option to share with your organisation seems to be disabled for list items but not for documents.

The odd thing is that apparently my organisation is preventing me from selecting this option. I’m not aware of any setting that can be made related to Sharing that is just for lists or libraries only.


2 thoughts on “SharePoint Online – Sharing List items vs Documents

  1. This shouldn’t be all that surprising, list have supported item level permissions for a long time. The new interface to permissions is the share button. List items don’t support company links or anonymous links, so they are grey. Everything in Office 365 blames your admin when it can’t be done 🙂

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