Microsoft Flow – Setting multi-people fields in SharePoint

Today, I found on the community site a post about updating multi-people columns in SharePoint  that worried me.

I started by creating a multi-people column in my SharePoint list


Then when I tried to update a list item in flow I didn’t have my multi-people field available

Then I changed my people field to a single people field and I got the people field, however it was now called People Claims.

It looks like multi people and updates in flow aren’t working very well at the moment. This still worked last week.

One of the changes made to the flow system recently is that a lot of the SharePoint related action use the list views to control the fields that can be configured.

This change seems to not have been able to handle multi-people columns. Even though my multi-people column is available in my list.

If you update multi-people columns in your existing flows you might not want to update these flows for now, if you do then your flows might break.


If you want to make an update to a list items and your update includes a multi user field then you might want to use the REST API.

More details on how to use the REST API you can find in my Post about updating items with the REST API




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